In 2004, Emotion came into being and quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Dominating performances in show after show. Magazine covers and features soon followed. Emotion became a recognized and talked about part of our culture and lifestyle.  No longer the upstarts who came out of nowhere to shake up the status quo, we’ve grown larger; we’ve evolved, stronger and more capable.

This team is very diverse – as you view our roster, notice the wide variety of vehicles. Along with the variety of vehicles comes the different personalities and cultures, but the one thing we share is the love for the scene. It is from this interest that we form our bonds with one another and use each others experiences to understand what it takes to succeed and maintain our standards.

We have very high standards in this organization. We do not discriminate against others, yet we must keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. Our style defines us as we incorporate the elements of originality, quality, and creativity into each one of our vehicles. Emotion is a passion each member feels, a passion that is fueled by motivation, determination, and confidence.  Emotion continues to drive forward using the fuel of its members to continually set the trends and lead the way for others to follow….

“It’s our job… our responsibility.”