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The latest stop on our “10 Years Strong Tour” was WEKFEST 2014 held in Edison New Jersey, and what an event it was!!!  This event is known as the Super Bowl of car shows as only the most elite vehicles get accepted into the event.  We were fortunate enough to have 18 cars on display with cars traveling from as far as Atlanta ,Georgia!!  So when I say “EMOTION REPRESENTED” that’s definitely an understatement.

WEKFEST is known for not being your traditional car show, there was no B-Boy Contest, no Model Lounge, no lighting effects, heck there isn’t even a score sheet!  This event is all about the build of the cars!!  As they made it clear that this event had “subjective” judging, but at the end of the day only the most deserving builds would be awarded.

The long awaited debut of Brian McCoy’s RHD J’s Racing DC5, occurred at this event as he unveiled his Jade colored monster and took home 1st Place Acura!  As announced by Ernesto Sarmiento Jr(JUNIOR), it was the first time in WEKFEST history that a crew swept an entire category as Joe Cooper and Kiet Hong took home 2nd and 3rd place in the Acura Class.  Not to be outdone by the accomplishment of Chris Rios, as he brought out his “timeless” Mugen DC2 that was a crowd pleaser and was awarded Best Integra.

In the Battle for the Best of Festival, when the dust settled EMOTION was proud to have 2 of the top 3 awards.  Alex Witkin’s Subaru WRX came in 2nd Place as Wil Wang’s Honda Del Sol took home 1st Place Best of Festival.  Even after those awards were handed out, Junior had the entire EMOTION crew come back up to receive a standing ovation from the crowd in honor of our representation.

WEKFEST is a can’t miss event!  We can’t explain how much of an honor it is to be able to represent and be awarded at this event!

Winner Circle:

1st Place Mitsubishi Evo – Kevin Liew
1st Place Acura Integra – Chris Rios
3rd Place Honda S2000 – Tae Chang

Acura 1st Place – Brian Mccoy
Acura 2nd Place – Joe Cooper
Acura 3rd Place – Kiet Hong
Honda 2nd Place- Marc Ducrow
Mitsubishi 2nd Place – Andrew Williamson
Nissan 3rd Place – Jason Pham
BMW 4th Place – Kiet Hong

Best Crew 2nd Place – EMOTION

Best of Show 2nd Place – Alex Witkin
Best of Show 1st Place – Will Wang





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